Med Sourcing

Manufacturing Proximity




Bd Chefchaouni Rte 110 Lot Essadi N 9-10
20350 Casablanca


MED SOURCING is a Moroccan company with more than 19 years experience as a manufacturer of the highest quality garments and knitted products for women, men and children.

MED SOURCING has a production capacity exceeding 150.000 pcs per month, involving the complexity and structure of products like pants, skirts, shirts, dresses, jacket…

We have a fabric policy which consist of putting several fabric in stock and we have our denim responsible strategy for next five years.


Femme, Homme, Junior, Enfant - Bébé


Casualwear, Streetwear, High street fashion, Jeanswear, Swimwear - Beachwear


Broderie, Confectionneur

Manufacturing Proximity - Commande minimum (nombre de pièce) / par couleur / par style

  • 500 pieces

Manufacturing Proximity - Délai de livraison

  • 1 mois, 2 mois

Codes performance

  • Ennoblissement responsable, Matière biologique, Matière recyclée, Metal-free, Waterless

Manufacturing Proximity - Destination produits

  • Chemise, Manteau, Pantalon, jupe, Robe, Sweat shirt, Tshirt, Veste, Uniforme / Vêtement d'image

Manufacturing Proximity - Fabrication

  • Blanchiment, Broderie, Bureau d'étude, Chaine et trame, Decoupe laser, Flou, Maille coupée cousue

Manufacturing Proximity - Votre spécialité

  • CMT, Co-traitant