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Manufacturing - Knitwear

Knitwear Solutions / Tricoteurs rectilignes

Hall 6


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Work Point:Alexandru Vlahuta Street , No.70
410086 Oradea

Savoir faire / Spécialité

ANDRADE TEXTILE SRL Is One Of The Few Factories From Europe, That Can Realize In Fully Integrated System Knitted, Textile Garments And Combined Ended Products With Lace, Silk, Leather Or Any Other Kinds Of Materials, Made Of Knit And Textile.

The Department Of Knitwear Production Disposes Of All The Machines Needed In Order To Make Knitted Garments At The Best Quality. The Estimated Production C


Femme, Homme, Junior, Enfant - Bébé


Citywear, Casualwear, High street fashion, Cocktail, Homewear, Chapeaux - gants, Foulard - écharpe


Tricotage maille rectiligne

Volumes de production

  • Stock service, Capsules - Petites séries, Grandes séries

Codes performance

  • Anti bactérien, Matière biologique

Knitwear solutions - Fils

  • Aspects : imprimé / astrodyed, metallisé / sparkling

Knitwear solutions - Jauges et points de maille

  • Jauges
  • Points de maille : intarsia

Knitwear solutions - Matières

  • Fibres naturelles animales
  • Fibres naturelles végétales : chanvre, coton
  • Fibres chimiques artificielles : lyocell
  • Matières minérales : métal