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Designs United States of America Textile Archives 5W18
Yarns United States of America Innovation & Technology 6C50 6D51
Manufacturing Portugal SPECIAL SKILLS 6Y14
Fabrics Taïwan, Republic of China Upper Jeanswear 6C22 6D23
Fabrics Korea, Republic of Sport & Tech 6H27
Designs United States of America Designer 5U35
Yarns Indonesia Spinner 6D50 6E51
Designs United Kingdom Designer 5W14
Fabrics Turkey Prints 5B20 5C19
Fabrics Turkey Knits 5N58 5P59
Fabrics Turkey Tailoring 6L24 6M19
Fabrics Italy Premium Relax 6B6 6C7
Fabrics Italy High Fancy 5F54
Fabrics Italy High Fancy 5L39
Fabrics Italy Tailoring 6M8
Designs United Kingdom Designer 5U52
Designs United Kingdom Knit 5V29
Fabrics Turkey Tailoring 6P26 6R31
Fabrics Turkey Knits 5N48
Fabrics Turkey Premium Relax 6F18
Designs United Kingdom Designer 5V16 5W17
Designs Netherlands Designer 5X62
Manufacturing Tunisia UPPER JEANSWEAR 6U1
Designs Belgium Designer 5V89
Smart Square United Kingdom SMART MATERIALS 3S18
Designs Germany Designer 5U81
Designs United States of America Designer 5W21
Designs Italy Designer 5W54 5X55
Yarns Spain Fiber production 6G50
Designs France Designer 5V60