Etru Jewels


Jewellery Components


Via A. Grandi, 93/a
52100 AREZZO

Know-how/ Specialty

our products are characterized by the weaving, both in the weft and in the warp, of the same semi-finished product, the chain, which can be of various sizes and types. The development of our production, let us to weaving also a lots of fabrics, with metal chains, so that our products reaveal shiny and sparkling.


Women's, Men's


Technical Applications, Fashion Jewellery - Watches


Metallic or plastic accessories, Jewellery components, Ornaments

Accessories - Small quantities

  • < 50 pieces, 50 > 200 pieces, > 1000 pieces

Production Volumes

  • Capsule collections - small quantities, Large quantities

Accessories - Type of article

  • Metallic and plastic trims : Chains, Handles
  • Textile trims : Fringes, Braids, Ribbons, Straps, Plaits
  • Ornaments : Belt bands, Collars
  • Fashion jewellery findings : Stones and Cabochons

Accessories - Aspects

  • Braided