Simtis – Softgroup

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Boulevard Chefchaouni
Route 110km 10ain Sebaa
20590 Casablanca

Know how/ Speciality

SIMTIS, subsidiary of the SOFTGROUP holding companies, Moroccan leader of the textile for more than 100 years. Its main asset isbased up on mastering diversified skills, and its experience with more than 25 trades in various fields. SIMTIS has over 60 years of experience in key trades such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery, and sewing with a production capacity of more than 150,000 m/day of fabric processed into finished products (shawls, scarves, fabric by meter).


Women's, Men's, Juniors', Children's


Active Sport, Outdoorwear, Bridal, Citywear, Casualwear, High Street fashion, Swimwear - Beachwear, Functional Workwear



Manufacturing Proximity - Minimum order (number of piece) / by color / by style

  • No minima

Manufacturing Proximity - Lead Time

  • Less than 2 weeks

Manufacturing Proximity - Product destination

  • Shirts, Neck Scarves - Scarves, Trousers - Skirts , Dress, Uniform / Professional & promotional garments

Manufacturing Proximity - Manufacturing

  • Embroidery, Warp & Weft, Cut out laser, Pleating

Manufacturing Proximity - Your speciality

  • Brand or Collection