Cabilux / Mosaic

Manufacturing Proximity



13-15 rue n°8 - Lotissement Zakaria
Ain Chok
20460 Casablanca

Know how/ Speciality

Created in 1986, Cabilux manufactures and designs at Europe’s gate middle +/ top-of-the-range nightwear and daywear for partners looking for optimal service.
The company’s reactivity and flexibility make it a reference partner for big European brands.
With its 280 employees on 10 production chains, Cabilux has a production capacity of more than 3000 pieces per day.


Women's, Men's, Juniors', Children's


Active Sport, Outdoorwear, Citywear, Casualwear, Streetwear, High Street fashion, Cocktail, Homewear


Embroidery, Manufacturer, Clothing contractor

Manufacturing Proximity - Minimum order (number of piece) / by color / by style

  • 250 pieces

Manufacturing Proximity - Lead Time

  • Less than 1 month

Manufacturing Proximity - Product destination

  • Blouses and Tops, Shirts, Neck Scarves - Scarves, Trousers - Skirts , Dress, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Jackets

Manufacturing Proximity - Manufacturing

  • Embroidery, Pattern Designing, Warp & Weft, Flocking-Transfer, Blur, fuzzy, loose, Mesh cut and sewn, Silk- screening

Manufacturing Proximity - Your speciality

  • CMT, Co - contractor