Proxima Moda

Manufacturing Proximity



Str. Ioan Slavici nr 1
625400 Panciu

Know how/ Speciality

Our company invested a lot into a fashion young life. Since Proxima Moda was founded, in 2002, the company developed business relations with a considerable number of partners from Europe. In this way we’ve grown to serve hundreds of thousands of happy well dressed people around the world. Proxima Moda is proud to represent the essence of Romanian fashion industry – designing, developing, manufacturing knitwear (jersey & light woven) and ready – made clothes.




Citywear, Casualwear, Streetwear, High Street fashion, Cocktail, Homewear


Manufacturer, Machine manufacturer, Clothing contractor

Manufacturing Proximity - Minimum order (number of piece) / by color / by style

  • more than 1000 pieces

Manufacturing Proximity - Lead Time

  • Less than 1 month

Manufacturing Proximity - Product destination

  • Blouses and Tops, Shirts, Trousers - Skirts , Dress

Manufacturing Proximity - Your speciality

  • Co - contractor, Brand or Collection