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Know-how / Specialty

Tessil-Novex has been on the textile market for over 40 years, developing fashion fabrics and accessories for women and men, destined for famous brands, mid-range boutiques as well as chain stores worldwide. Our articles are made with precious yarns and technologically advanced machinery, in order to achieve original and innovative products, with unique qualities and style. Production made in Italy, with the possibility of customized collections. Jacquard, prints, jersey and fake-fur.


Women's, Men's


Citywear, Casualwear, Streetwear, High Street fashion, Cocktail, Neck Scarves and Scarves


Fake Fur, Printed fabrics, Circular knit fabric, Colour-wovens - Shirting fabrics, Cotton-type fabric, Linen-type fabric

Fabrics - Small Quantities

  • 50-100m

Production Volumes

  • Capsule collections - small quantities, Large quantities

Performance codes

  • Double-Face, Recycled

Fabrics - Materials

  • Natural animal fibres : alpaca and baby alpaca, wool, lambswool, mohair & kid mohair, silk
  • Natural plant fibres : cotton, linen
  • Man-made artificial fibres : acetate, lyocell, modal, viscose
  • Man-made synthetic fibres : acrylic, polyamide, polyester

Fabrics - Fabrics

  • Woven / specific weaves : end-and-end, cut-yarn / lancé-découpé, jacquard, organza, tweed
  • Knit / specific stitches : double-face knit, knit terrycloth
  • Imitations : imitation leather, fake fur
  • Dyeing : cold dye
  • Coating / finishing : metallic, pleated

Fabrics - Responsible products

  • Eco-Friendly production : REACH
  • Recycled : recycled polyester