Kyorene® Graphene Fiber & Yarn

Wearable Lab

Wearable Lab

Hall 6


Room 1801, Shanghai Int. Trade Center
2201 Yan An Xi Road

Know-how / Specialty

Kyorene® is the first company in the world to develop, produce and commercialize a wide range of graphene oxide blended fibres and yarns for a variety of consumer and industrial textile applications. The fibres and yarns functionalities include inherent anti-bacterial and deodorant effects, inherent UV protection, inherent far-infrared and heat dissipation properties for body temperature regulation and therapeutic benefits, inherent anti-mites and bugs barriers as well as a very good mechanical stability (abrasion, cut, tear, wear) and resistance to numerous washing cycles. The application possibilities include sportwear, streetwear, fashionwear, activewear, underwear but also household items such as bedsheets, curtains and carpets. Kyorene® is part of a large international private company, the QS group, well-known in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment and renewable energy solar cells. Those two divisions combine a little more than 35 years of R&D and manufacturing experience with a turnover exceeding 200 million euros.


Smart Materials

Fabrics - Materials

  • Natural animal fibres : wool, lambswool
  • Natural plant fibres : cotton, linen
  • Man-made artificial fibres : viscose
  • Man-made synthetic fibres : polyamide