Amaike Textile Industry

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions


59-1 To-bu Kokuga Nanao
926-0037 Ishikawa

Know-how / Specialty

Made from an ultrafine, nearly invisible polyester yarn, Amaike Textile Industry produces «Super-Organza», the finest and lightest clothing fabric in the world. The weaver’s technological developments draw above all from its own heritage. Since 1956, the company has been specialised in woven polyester textiles with a broad range of
applications, including fashion, electronic components, industry, sports and home interiors. It was thanks to these years of experience and its diverse expertise that it was able to create «Super Organza» in 2006. In its workshops, new textiles are developed by the most skilled craftsmen working in conjunction with young resear-
chers, who bring a real vitality to the projects. Their common goal is to always achieve the most advanced technology in the world.


Contemporary Techniques