Soieries Cheval



Hall 5




14 Rue Du Platre
69360 St Symphorien D'ozon

Know-how / Specialty

One of the last specialists in textile printing on flat framed table, ”Lyon style”, recently awarded the EPV label (Living Heritage Company). Our knowledge of a now rare tool (tables of 50 metres, engineered patterns up to 2 metres wide, hand painting workshop) allows us to respond to the specific demands and requirements of our high-end clientele. Our exceptional collections are for women who are not afraid to shine and for men who are not scared by creativity.


Women's, Men's, Juniors', Children's


Bridal, Citywear, High Street fashion, Cocktail, Lingerie, Home Furnishings, Footwear, Neck Scarves and Scarves


Printed fabrics, Silk fabric

Fabrics - Small Quantities

  • < 50m, 50-100m, 100-300m

Production Volumes

  • Capsule collections - small quantities

Performance codes

  • Eco-Friendly Finishing

Fabrics - Materials

  • Natural animal fibres : silk
  • Natural plant fibres : cotton
  • Man-made artificial fibres : acetate, viscose
  • Man-made synthetic fibres : acrylic, metallo-plastic, polyamide, polyester

Fabrics - Fabrics

  • Woven / specific weaves : georgette crepe, cut-yarn / lancé-découpé, muslin-chiffon, organdy, organza, duchesse satin, smooth velvet, panne velvet
  • Lace : tulle lace
  • Embroidery : sequinned appliques
  • Coating / finishing : pleated, color coating
  • Openworked : burnt-out

Fabrics - Responsible products

  • Eco-Friendly production : REACH