Living Blue

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions


Goalpara , Rajendrapur, Keranirhat
5400 Rangpur

Know-how / Specialty

A cooperative initiated by ONG Care, Living Blue encompasses an entire production chain of artisans, beginning with those cultivating indigo from indigenously-grown indigofera tinctoria. This artisanal organization also contributes to the economic and social development of remote zones of Rangpur in Northern Ban-
In their many workshops, situated in the midst of rice paddies, farmers, master dyers, embroiderers and couturiers all come together and are involved with the natural indigo dye. Tie-dye and shibori are complemented by quilting, which makes use of needlework for padding and embroidery and is anchored in centuries of local textile tradition.


Vernacular Techniques