EE Exclusives / Van Engelen & Evers

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions


Industrieweg 64
5591 JL Heeze

Know-how / Specialty

As part of the family weavers Van Engelen & Evers, who have for four generations been in the city of Heeze in the Netherlands, EE Exclusives workshop produces custom jacquard fabrics in ultra-high-definition and 3D-weaving for projects across fashion, art, design, architecture and publishing.
Originally specialized in the production of woven labels, EE Exclusives has a unique ability to reproduce these same techniques on a larger scale, moving from a width of a few centimeters up to 1,5 meter. High-tech machines enable to weave complex jacquards or several layers in one go to produce finished products – shoe uppers, bags and even full garments – directly on the machine skipping ulterior need for confection.


Contemporary Techniques