Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions

Hall 6


La Bussière
18250 Neuvy deux clochers

Know-how / Specialty

Yann Pétillault, founder of the workshop, puts his knowledge and techniques in ceramics and jewelry craft to practice in the development of miniature pieces for the largest couture houses. To create collections of finely hand-stamped porcelain and earthenware buttons and cabochons, he draws on an infinite palette of colors, textures, materials and decorations. The result is an endless kaleidoscope of styles that give every button a shine and a personality of its own.
Ypac combines a knowledge of ceramic techniques with the unique properties of enamels – each piece is fired multiple times to ensure its vitrification, thus conferring impermeability and inalterability over time.


Ancestral Techniques