Laurentine Périlhou

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions

Hall 6


20 Rue Primo Levi
75013 Paris

Know-how / Specialty

Textile designer and artisan, Laurentine Périlhou specializes in macramé knotting and weaving, techniques discovered and deepened alongside a Chilean craftsman. Taking animal, vegetable and synthetic fibers – whether left raw, adorned with fine stones cut-to-measure by a lapidary, or embellished with pearls or crystals – she explores the creative possibilities in her Parisian studio. Minutia, finesse and regularity are the key words to describe the stages in realizing a macramé textile: knot after knot, thread upon thread, these textile compositions gradually take shape and are applied in different categories from fashion and jewelry to decoration and finishings.


Contemporary Techniques