Authentic Material

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions

Hall 6


29 Rue Jeanne Marvig
31400 Toulouse

Know-how / Specialty

Developed from technological processes resulting from research work in powder metallurgy, the unique and patented savoir-faire of Authentic Material reinvents the properties of its materials and celebrates the meeting of high-technology and craftsmanship.
Working to create within ethical, traceable supply chains that integrate local suppliers and respond to the logic of circular economy, this Toulouse workshop fractures and recomposes natural materials to enhance and elevate them.
Be it horn, leather, shells or rare wood species, the new mechanical and aesthetic properties of the materials thus transformed allow luxury and creative brands to imagine new applications for the manufacture of accessories in the fields of objets d’art, eyewear, jewelry, and watchmaking.


Contemporary Techniques