Omiya Connect

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions

Hall 6


394, Osaka-cho, Shimogyo-ku
600-8177 Kyoto-shi

Know-how / Specialty

Omiya Connect has been producing kimonos in Kyoto, for 69 years. This long experience has allowed the company to develop expertise in Japanese textile craftsmanship and given it a deep understanding of production processes.
In its kimono archives, Kumihimo (silk braiding cord) is one of the exceptional materials which can be used for fashion clothing and accessories.
The technique of making Kumihimo came to Japan more than 1000 years ago from China. Originally these cords were used for the decorations of shrines and temples, and also for luxury accessories for the imperial families. But in the Edo era, Kumihimo began to be used as a belt with a kimono or an obi (sash).
Many types of patterns and weaves have been developed and silk braiding cord in Japan has evolved in a unique way compared with cords in other countries.
Omiya Connect produces multiple kinds of Kumihimo: circular or square, thin or thick, plain or colourful, stitched, etc.


Contemporary Techniques