Janaïna Milheiro

Maison d'Exceptions

Maison d'Exceptions

Hall 6


20, Rue Primo Levi
75013 Paris

Know-how / Specialty

An artisan-designer, Janaina Milheiro primarily works in handmade silks and feather-weavings, but also creates original lace and embroidery designs. Creating a dialogue between feathers and textiles is for her a way of enriching the creative language of fashion by initiating a give-and-take, which is testified to by the veils, velvets, beadings and laces which result from this exchange. Her creative approach is influenced by different techniques: embroidery, lace making and sewing on the one had, with weaving, knitting, printing and braiding on the other. These feather-fabrics speak to Janaina’s polyvalent vision of textiles.


Contemporary Techniques